Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dean Wheeler, in 1990 was a brilliant Promotions Director, working at TVNZ.

Dean's 27th Birthday was coming up on November 1st 1990 and he invited John McCready (then Programme Marketing Manager at TVNZ), JT and other friends and work colleagues to join him for a celebratory dinner at a restaurant in Jervois Road, Auckland.

We duly arrived and it was obvious to us, but not so much to Dean that the waiter was being very attentive to him and flirting outrageously. We teased Dean mercilessly.

After a wonderful meal the smitten waiter grandly delivered a birthday cake to our table. It was a most beautiful cake and it was obvious someone had taken great care in baking it.

Dean cut the cake and we dished ourselves a slice each and very quickly the cake was gone. Oh, it was so soft and delicious and everyone looked at Jt asking, "Did you bake this cake?" "No, she said"

We were curious now and did the rounds of the table to find out who did. No one claimed to the baking of this wonderful creation so we asked the waiter.
He said "As you are celebrating a birthday and a birthday cake had been delivered, I assumed it must be yours"

At that exact moment from the front of the restaurant came Peter Elliott. Peter was then, and still is, a top TV, drama actor. He stood next to the waiter who was still standing at our table and whispered to him loud enough for us to hear...
"You weren't here before when I bought in a cake I had made myself especially for my wife's birthday as a surprise. Can you please bring the cake out now?"

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